Why Would You Travel with a Cluttered Mind?

The reference when it comes to backpacks and hip packs for families on the go.

Spring has sprung and many of us are busy scheduling summer vacations for the whole family. Sadly, vacations and relaxation do not always go hand in hand, especially when travelling with our little ones.

It is way too common to see parents get back from vacations even more tired than when they left. Between going out to the zoo, dealing with the eldest’s sunburn and the outbursts from the youngest, your vacations might go by in a flash and leave you exhausted.

It Is Much Easier to Chill Out and Take It Easy When Well-Equipped!

In fact, it is for these exact reasons that With Me Safe (WMS) bags are now a reference for adventurous families!

They help you get both hands free while managing day-to-day situations without neglecting the supervision of your children. In addition, the bags offer nice space helping you carry all of your personal belongings that you might need to fully enjoy your trip.

Indeed, WMS bags are more than a reference for parents/child security. They have compartments to help you organize all the essentials. The front pocket of hip packs offer enough space for passports, keys, wallets, lip balm (with SPF!) and even some mints (who knows who you might meet). 😉

Our backpacks have the capacity to keep colouring books, spare clothing, snacks for the whole family and they even have two side pockets to carry water bottles!

They can also be used as beach bags and they might help you bring back that precious souvenir you found during an expedition.

Not only will be able to take care of the whole family, you will finally enjoy the snarky little smiles of laughing monkeys at the zoo! What can go wrong!

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