Anick Garneau is a mother of young children and a daycare educator in the Quebec City area. As a person who is constantly surrounded by kids, she is aware of the many challenges that parents face every day and all the logistics when it comes to going out for a family activity.

The idea of ​​creating bags with safety straps came to her when she was going on holidays with her children as they were running all over the airport, causing more stress than necessary. She was so tired of having to keep a close eye on them and was determined not to spend her break under pressure. Once arrived at the destination, Anick decided to make a harness with the means at her disposal. A great solution! No need to run around constantly looking for her kids being anxious. In addition to reassuring Anick as a parent, the children were also delighted because they could walk through crowded places without any problem.

Now Anick wants to share With Me Safe bags with families, but also introduce the products to daycares, schools, specialized centres, summer camps, playgrounds and more. Join the With Me Safe family today!

Keep your children safe near you with With Me Safe’s hands-free solution!

We offer backpacks and hip packs with safety straps for children and individuals with special needs. Kids are full of energy and can get restless when going out or heading to crowded public places. Walking is also much more stimulating for children than sitting in a stroller. We know keeping an eye on them can be a difficult task, especially if you have more than one baby under your care. That's why With Me Safe provides an innovative concept acting as a solution to this problem.

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